I’m slowly discovering that as you get older, years go by faster, and you become busier. It seems like yesterday I was saying how much I was looking forward to being 18, planning all the things I’d do with no rules and my own space. Now I’m realizing things aren’t always black and white, planning college things, managing all of my employees, learning about myself, exploring my spirituality (I’m not Christian; and never will be! And that is OKAY! So is others being Jewish or Buddhist or Latter Day Saints. It’s all just OKAY. I don’t need to know a label right now. Learning about everything is cool!) and hoping for a great future. I’m spending a lot of time training with my boy, Barq-tastic, who is becoming more and more part of me. Not just a dog. Me. He’s taught me a lot. Like, mommies don’t get Starbucks everyday, because their kids need things. That’s a lesson I’m still learning! πŸ˜‰
Growing up both sucks and rocks. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but it’s worth every lesson you learn.


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Back in the game- updated

Today was my first day back to school. While it was great seeing my friends and favorite teachers and staff, it was also surreal having a new something attached to me. It really is like having a baby after only two weeks on knowing. You get freaked out and don’t know what to do, but you want to do what’s best for it, so you do what you know to. After my meeting of service dog logistics, I jumped right into classes. Talking about what to do isn’t gonna get it done, and it had to be done eventually. My teachers were fantastic with listening about what to do in certain situations. However… Some of the others didn’t quite get it. So, after today, after 30,000 explanations that no one really listened to, I wrote this;

A Bit About Barq, Plus General Service Dog Etiquette.

Barq is a specially trained service dog from Canine Assistants. Being a service dog, he is specifically trained to open doors, push buttons, turn on and off lights, and retrieve dropped items. Yes, he is a service dog, but he is also still a puppy! Barq’s birthday is January the 8th, 2012.
Here are a few pieces of etiquette:
1) If the dog isn’t yours, don’t give it commands. That’s the handlers job. The dog will get very, very confused if EVERYONE is giving it commands.
2) Don’t randomly coo or talk to the dog unless given permission. It’s very hard for a dog to reject affection, and that makes it very hard to do its job.
3) Whatever you do- DON’T, I repeat don’t- attack pet/drive-by pet a service dog. It effects their job for the reason given in number 2. This, to me, is the major no- no. Adults are the WORST about not asking, and that can cause big issues. Generally, I excuse babies and toddlers from the ‘ always ask ‘ rule, because they truly cannot understand why they can’t pet the big fuzzy dog. But adults can read the “do not pet me, I’m working” sign. So, please, be respectful and ask. And, yes, that means every time! Even if petting isn’t allowed, I personally almost always allow a hand shake. That’s training!!
4) I know it’s a lot to ask, but if he jumps up on you, as tempted as you might be, don’t pet him, don’t talk to him, don’t do anything interesting. Literally turn your back to him- unless you have a braid, in which case that’s not a good idea! πŸ˜‰
5) Remember one piece of advice, if any; if you’re excited, so is the dog. If you’re angry, so is the dog. If you’re sad, happy or indifferent, the dog is likewise. In other words, have no emotions around a dog you don’t want to go crazy. If he is anxious because you are, I will not blame him; neither should you. This statement even goes if he jumps on you.
6) This may seem a bit obvious, but some are ignorant of the fact; if you abandon food, even the most highly trained dog will claim it. Its instinct. Possession is 100% of dog law, and you just gave claim. I can promise that I will do my BEST to protect anything you might’ve left, but in Barq’s eyes that’s the greatest gift EVER. So, do a girl a favor; clean before you leave, not after!
7) Last but certainly not least; don’t feed ANY dog unless its yours. You’d be surprised at what is poisonous to dogs. Did you know that sugar free gum (but not ONLY sugar free; it’s the sweetener in it), grapes and onions are poisonous? I sure didn’t! Not only can foods be poisonous to all dogs, but a specific dog might be allergic and you’d never know! Be wise in the decisions you make and who it’ll effect and how it could turn out.
If you have any questions regarding my dog, contact me at annah.mobus552@topper.wku. If you or someone you know is interested in getting a service dog, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Canine Assistants at http://www.canineassistants.org . Each dog costs $22,000 to breed, raise and train, but is completely free to recipients because of sponsors. If you can, think about donating or volunteering; they’re an amazing group that I am so lucky I heard of.
Thanks for reading our little note! Annah and Barq.

I’m going to print a couple hundred and hand them out. It’s just simply easier!

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Canine Assistants Camp

Monday the 8th, day 1:

Today was the first day of recipient training at Canine Assistants. It WAS very tiring, just as we were warned, but it was also fun. Today was mostly lectures and movies. The first lecture was on the science history of dogs. For instance, did you know that the Canis Lupus Familiaris (aka domesticated dog) is a sub species of the early grey wolf? I sure didn’t! Another thing we listened to was Jennifer discussing how the philosophy here at CA is NOT at all a “alpha/child” relationship, because of all the problems that comes with that, such as holding animals by the back of their necks to show dominance. Being the alpha only makes your service animal frightened of you, which is NEVER a good thing. 90% of what your dog does for you is just because it loves you. If you ruin that relationship… You ruin your service dog. We also got to meet all the dogs (still in their crates) and individually meet certain dogs to see if we worked well with a particular dog. I was getting really nervous, being the last person to meet the dogs/dog. My worries were all gone by the time they led Barq in to me. As soon as he entered the room he jumped upon me and put his paws on my shoulders. Then he looked at me and I knew I was his. One of my big things is that I need a dog that isn’t terrified of me/my chair. I want one that will just up to let me actually pet it! Of course, I also need help with MANY other things. Some of them include opening doors, pushing buttons, retrieving dropped items, putting my arm that has probably fallen by this point up, and even shoving my head up. Well, instinctually, Barq already knew to put up my arm when it fell. I was a bit shocked when he did (I mean, hello, a new dog just wrapped his teeth all the way around my driving arm!), but then I was like, “didn’t I ASK for that?” When I was petting him for it, he must’ve sensed that I was really hot in that tiny room, because right after that he tugged my blanket off.
I don’t know how they do it, but Canine Assistants is absolutely wonderful with matching dogs to their people. Today was the first REAL day, and I can already tell that this is going to be a life changing experience.

Tuesday the 9th, day 2:

Remember yesterday, when I say I don’t know how they match people with their dogs? Well, today they taught us! Apparently, there are four main personalities in dogs; analytical, driver, amiable, and expressive. Each personality has certain characteristics. The most common with service dogs is amiable, then expressive, because they love people and are very friendly and outgoing. It’s really interesting. When matching, you match the person with the dog the best you can. The second thing they taught us is that your mood affects your dog once you bond, and vice versa. Meaning, if you’re angry, your dog is angry- and will try to get rid of whatever is making you upset. Also, your dogs mood can elevate yours. They sense your emotions so much that they can actually contribute to yours, too!
Today, after the lectures we ate lunch, then had the official matching ceremony. I was matched with 15 month old Barq, the only dog that I had to meet. We fell in love immediately. He is mine. πŸ™‚ His birthday was January the 8th of 2012. Another January baby in the family! πŸ™‚
After all of this, we learned how to get our dogs to walk beside us, always on one side. The dogs are all clicker trained. Basically, every time you say touch and he puts his nose on your hand and lines up beside you, you click and treat. Anytime he looks at you, you click and treat. Some of the dogs required squirt cheese to cooperate, but Barq just needed kibble treats.
Touch was the first cue we learned. With touch, you can get a dog to sit, jump up, down, go under something and many more behaviors. I use it mostly for lining Barq up with my chair.
Today we did a lot of playing and bonding and treating for free. We also fed our dogs, which was interesting. What we are going to do is have my mom put his food bowl, empty, on my lap. I then dump his cup of food in it, that way he thinks I’m feeding him.
Another funny thing about Barq, he is extremely protective. When mom was tapping my chest for him to “up” he did NOT like her hands on me, so he mouthed her arm off of me. Then put his arms over me, like “mine!” We also discovered that Barq LOVES rope toys. Wanna know how we figured it out? Okay. I’ll tell you! When moms hair was braided back, he MIGHT have grabbed hold of it with his mouth. Oops! Hehe.

Last, but certainly not least, we met up with some SMA buddies, Tonya and William. We went with them across the street of the hotel to Mellow Mushroom. I met Williams service dog, Kai, who they trained themselves. Kinda cool, right?

Thanks for reading again! Annah.

Wednesday the 10th, day 3:
Today we learned all of the commands. We were told to not try any until further notice, but we were told of 25 verbal cues to do 91 behaviors. All of them include:
β€’ Name–Say in kindness. Absolute adoration. Gets his attention.
β€’ watch.– Eye contact.
β€’touch. –Put nose on something.
β€’ better hurry. –Go potty.
β€’ go. –Meaning move in direction indicated.
β€’ Come here. –Move toward me.
β€’ sit. –But on floor.
β€’ shake. –Place paw on extended hand
β€’ down. –Lie down.
β€’ off. –Four paws on ground.
β€’ wait. –Pause before crossing threshold.
β€’ leave it. –Don’t touch or even look at object
β€’ fix. –Untangle leash
β€’ settle. –Relax
β€’ lap. –Front paws on lap
β€’ visit. –Rest head on lap
β€’ jump on.– All four paws on object
β€’ get. –Retrieve item
β€’ mine.– Bring/ give me item
β€’ nose. –Press something with nose
β€’ up. –Front paws on something or someone
β€’ light.– Switch UP
β€’ switch. –Switch DOWN
β€’ tug. –Pull something open or off. (NOT TOYS!)
β€’ push. –Push something.
After we learned all of the verbal cues, we were asked to practice the “sit”, “down”, “touch”, “off” and “lap”. We were also told that, it doesn’t matter who treats, as long as the recipient is the one giving the command/cue; but, if the recipient can’t treat, then the treat should be given close to the recipients body, or even in their lap.
After we were done practicing, which, by the way, Barq did fabulously, Barq showed his even cuter side. Every time I stopped petting him, he would get in my lap and nuzzle my chin. That progressed to gently chewing on my shoulder and chin… And my name tag. Lol. He’s a playful boy! Needless to say, we were not required to wear name tags anymore.
That’s it for today! Thanks again! Annah.

Thursday the 11th, day 4:
Today was, well, we’ll say interesting. At the beginning, we were given a lecture on home safety with your dog. Basically, it tells you everything to beware of within your house, and gives you pointers on how to handle certain situations. Dogs are like toddlers, and need parents. After the lecture, we were given a short, 20 question quiz over it. I got a perfect score. πŸ™‚
After that, we practiced “leave it” and “you better hurry!” Leave it is basically just telling the dogs to not touch, or even look at something. You better hurry is a potty command.
Tonight was the first night at the hotel with Barq. We made him a little place on the floor with blankets, and let him settle in. After a little while, we all snuggled in bed before dinner, and he was extremely cute! I brushed him out, and he fell asleep in my lap. After dinner, we discovered that if he needs attention, he does indeed chew on body parts. Especially my shoulders, which apparently looks like rawhide! Lol. After all of this, I showered. He did NOT like that at all. He was barking and crying and he literally squealed when I got out! We attempted to allow him to sleep with us, but he got so hyper that he got booted off into the floor and leashed onto my chair. He had been “petting” my face with his paw nails! Sorry buddy! He WAS however very curious as to what my ventilator and suction machine were. He tried to remove it from my face! Lol.

More tomorrow! Thanks.
Annah and Barq.

Friday the 12th, day 5:

Today, after breakfast, the first thing we did was go to a Walmart outing with all of the trainers and teachers. It was… Interesting. We used “leave it” a LOT. Especially in the treat isle. πŸ™‚ Barq picked out a toy in the dog toys isle, and carried it to checkout, but refused to play with it until we were in the hotel, with Barq’s work vest off.
After our outing, we went back to the farm and practiced “tug”, “press it/nose it”, “light”, “switch”, and “go get help”. After we were back at the hotel, we snuggled in bed for around an hour and a half, and when we were ready to feed him and potty him, then go to dinner, he refused to get off the bed! We ended up luring him off with a toy and treat. I know, slightly evil. πŸ™‚ After dinner, he listened MUCH better! He’s getting much better with eye contact. He’s also great at “up”, “touch”, “jump on”, “off”, and “down”
One last thing? I’m going to smell like a dog forever!
Thanks! Annah and Barq

Saturday the 13th, day 6:

Today, we went straight to the mall. It was another outing with the trainers and teachers, and I was a hot mess! I was freaking out, because, well, people are idiots and think they can just come up and pet him without asking. It’s mostly older teens and adults that don’t ask! The kids are generally okay. Anywho; Barq did perfectly! He “petted” Ashlea’s daughter and was very nice. Ashlea is Barq’s trainer. On our way into the mall, Barq was awesome and pushed a TINY red button to let me into the mall. It was the first time he ever really did that well!
In the mall, Barq petted three random children gently. He didn’t even jump on them! I was such a proud momma. πŸ™‚ Only one of them really annoyed me. She asked her mom if she could pet the dog, and her mom said yes! Didn’t even ask me or my mom. When I looked at her mom, she smirked! I’m hoping it was involuntary. I would’ve let her pet him, it just bothered me that she didn’t consider the rules on service dogs. You ALWAY ask, even if you’re family or friends. The bond comes first!
One thing that I learned to do is, after a few moments, I say “Say bye, Barq!” and parents usually drag their kids away. That way, I’m not being rude, but they leave. πŸ™‚
I also figured out that Barq is best at listening out in public; really, anywhere he doesn’t sleep. He’ll do everything in public! For a treat, of course. πŸ™‚
Another weird quark that Barq has is he blatantly refuses to eat treats, do commands, or play with toys in the van. He’s a weird dog. πŸ™‚
We also went to Pepperonis today for dinner; another outing with the trainers and teachers. No one even realized that there was dogs in the building until someone slammed a door and all of them (other than Bara!) started barking. Oops! All in all, he did pretty great. Even in the restaurant, he sat under moms chair the whole time and didn’t beg! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!
Annah and Barq.

Sunday the 14th, day 7:

Hello! Today, Canine Assistants gave us a much needed day off. After a long week of learning, being matched, taking dogs home, some switching dogs, and even more learning, we got a free day. Now, I say free loosely; we had to stay at the hotel. Because we haven’t completed all of the tests and passed and graduated, we’re not licensed to carry CA dogs. Without special permission, of course. So, today was, well, interesting. We met with someone at the hotel, and it was straight up WEIRD! Barq didn’t like it too well either. Thanks to our great new friends, Ashley (and her dog Ariel) and Rose, we quickly left and headed to the farm for a puppy run! The bad part? It was raining. Oh well! Yes, the dogs WERE muddy. No, we really didn’t care. What’s a towel for anyway?! After we got back and bathed the dogs and ate dinner, we hung out with a few more friends. We discovered in this time that while clicker training is known to work with dogs, it also works with human toddlers! The family friends son LOVED the clicker. He was laughing like crazy every time I used it. There for, we’ve decided that we should use a small child and test clicker training on humans. Who knows? Maybe this is the theory that’s going to make me a millionaire!

That’s it for today, to the few readers I have left! Thanks!
Annah and Barq.

Monday the 15th, day 8:
Today was all about grooming and aftercare. In the aftercare session, it basically instructed us on what to do once we left camp. Baby proofing for dogs! Any poisonous plants, who to call and when, which toys to give; everything we could need to know. In the grooming session, she explained everything that we’ll either need to do, or have done, for our dogs, regularly. That includes baths, teeth brushing, nail grooming, and ear cleaning. My mom seemed horrified at the thought of brushing a dogs teeth or cleaning their ears; I think she’s weird. We brush our teeth don’t we?
After we got back to the hotel, and after we ate and settled in we decided that we wouldn’t even try Barq on the bed tonight. We love him dearly, but he’s just too rowdy for sleeping with. 😦

Thanks all!
Annah and Barq.

Tuesday the 16th, day 9:
Today was the big farm tour! At first, I was really excited; until they told us we had to kennel the dogs. I’m pretty sure me AND my boy had separation anxiety. He refused to go in the crate, and then I didn’t want to leave. It was bad. After they finally got us apart, we headed towards to farm. While there were no babies in the nursery (although there were some born while we were there! 3 girls and 2 boys) there were about 30-40 in crates that we could see. Barq was in the soda litter, and was labeled “Largest Male Golden”. Yup. We know. πŸ™‚ Barq has four siblings. Mr. Pibb, Fanta, Shasta, and Heisman. Mr. Pibb was in our class too, he was just not the right match for any of us.
We also got to pet one couple month old boy. He wasn’t up and moving on his own yet.
After the tour, thank god, we got to get our kids back. It was so cute! He jumped on me, then mom, then back to me, then back to mom, and so the process continues. πŸ™‚ After about 20 minutes of “Oh I’m so glad you didn’t REALLY leave me!” it was time for our vet lecture. Basically, the big doctor man came and told us about what NOT and what TO give the dog. Did you know grapes and sugar free gum are HIGHLY toxic to dogs? More so than chocolate even. I would explain the detailed why, but then you’d fall asleep reading, and well, I can’t afford to pay for a new computer for you! πŸ™‚
Today was fun. Although I SERIOUSLY hope to never be separated from my boy again. Especially when we’re more bonded! I think I would’ve had much more fun with him!
Annah and Barq.

Wednesday the 17th, day 10:
Today, I woke up to the sound of Barq not barking, but crying! It was pitiful. I thought, you know, I should take him potty! Or, I should feed him! Nope. The literal second mom put me in my chair, he stopped crying, jumped up on my lap and refused to even let her adjust me. He put his paws on my chest like “my girl!” again. I’m glad he chose me. πŸ™‚ Today, time and time again, I noticed that every time my mom would bend down to move me or even get too close to me he would jump and remove her from me. He proved this again at Hardee’s for lunch when another recipients dad was right by me and he pushed him away from me. Nicely jumped up on him, moved him back, and jumped down. I might have cracked up! πŸ™‚
We also went to Target with the trainers. It wasn’t really anything special. Barq chose yet ANOTHER toy. He is spoiled rotten already!
After the outings, we went back to the hotel with Rose, Ashley and Ariel, and worked on our exam study guide. We’re a good team! In the middle of it though, out came a huge group of smokers. Out, to the only area outside that the hotel preferred us to be! Now, me, I’m extremely sensitive to smoke. Especially with just having been sick! I personally wish smoking was against the law. Every time I’m even in the same room as a smoker, I feel like I’m literally suffocating. Like I’m dying. And there’s no amount of words that could explain that. Not only are you killing yourself, every time you light one up, you’re killing those around you, as well.
Not only was this herd of smokers smoking, they were rude! When we explained that many of us had respiratory difficulties, they just ignored us! They didn’t care. I was barely breathing at that point. By the time we were back in the room I was on my vent.
Eh, karma will kick ’em in the butts!

Thanks! Annah and Barq.

Thursday the 18th, day 11:
So, today is the last day. It’s the day that you look forward to, but also dread. The first thing is the final exam. Then, if you pass, graduation. Well, we all know that things are never just that black and white with me around. πŸ˜‰
On today of all days, my chair decides to quit working. The left mid wheel just doesn’t spin. We called my provider, and thank god, he knew someone here in Georgia. He was fantastic! But before we went to have him replace the shocks, we did my final. Turns out, I got a 97% without any help other than writing! I was proud. πŸ™‚ When we did leave to get my chair fixed, Barq had to stay with Ashlea and Theresa and Karen, because I didn’t want him to have to deal with the chair fixing guy and deciding if he likes him or not. And, it was a 45 minute drive there, a 20 minute fix, and a 45 minute drive back. Too much for a puppy. When I returned, they accidentally gave me the wrong dog and I noticed right away by the lack of jumping on me. When they gave him back to me, he was all over me and mom and was whining, like “you were gone for so LONG!!!” It was so cute.
Later on was graduation. You hear from everyone previously through it that everyone cries. Well, I didn’t believe them until we were there and the videos were playing, then we were getting our licenses. I cried when Mrs. Jennifer Arnold cried. Becca also came to see my graduation. After all of that, I got to meet his foster, Marla. She is SO sweet. She got Barq a 31 bag with his name embroidered on the front and toy and treat filled. We’re not allowed to maintain contact, but we are allowed to send back pictures for her of Barq and me. I plan on doing just that.
It’s been a long two weeks and I’ll be glad to go home.
Thanks. Annah and Barq.

Friday the 19th, day 12:
Today was the day that we said our goodbyes and drove home. It was a bit sad, but everybody wants to go home. After the long, 5 hour drive home, we introduced Barq to Chris and Krystan, but he was a bit uninterested. He saw cubby through the door and was VERY interested in her. She was snapping and snarling through the door and we knew we had to release her. We were told to let them fight it out, and not hold them back or make any noises. We did! At first Cubby looked really angry. They were going in circles around each other and I thought they were gonna tumble. But they didn’t. Actually, they started playing. Cubby is much smaller than Barq, though, so we had to cut that really short.
Anywho. I’m tired. It’s late. Asta la pasta! Annah and Barq








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Anymore, time flies by so fast that you don’t even realize how many days have been done. You know that feeling? The feeling of ‘but yesterday I was 14! I’m 17 now?! How did that happen?!’ Well, maybe that’s just me. πŸ™‚
Everything seems to happen so quickly now. For instance, I just did my ACT on the 5th. I’ll get my results around April the 16th, most likely. That seems crazy to me! Like, I’m already that old?! Yikes. Next year I graduate high school. I’ll have done 21 college hours in my high school career. That’s almost a sophomore. At 30-60 hours you’re considered a sophomore. I plan to complete a major in Clinical Child Psychology and also Human Nutrition, and a minor in Sociology. I want to work in a hospital. I’m not exactly sure which one, but, well, I have some time! πŸ™‚

Another thing; I get to go to Georgia for my Canine Assistants training on April the 7th through the 21st! I’m so excited!!! We’ll be staying in a Hilton hotel and every morning we’ll get on a bus to go to training. On the 11th, I’ll have been placed with a dog and can take it to the hotel with me and everything to get aquatinted. In the training, we’ll have to go to dinners out (so we learn how to get the dog to go under the tables, be quiet, and not to beg) to movies (loud dark rooms and they cannot bark!).

I think it’ll be really fun! I hope I’m going to get a labradoodle… They’re fun and fluffy and cute! And smart like a standard poodle.

Oh! Another thing in doing currently is crocheting custom baby diaper covers and beanie hats for people! It’s really fun. I usually get $20 a set for them.
This is one:


My life is busy right now; but that’s okay! I get bored too easily otherwise. πŸ˜‰

Love always, Annah πŸ˜€

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Crochet Queen! On Top of the World; the World of Dual Credit Courses and Life Itself.

So, first, I’ll start by apologizing once again for my lack of posting. It’s been, what, a year? Yeah…
Second, a very exciting thing, my college classes. I love college so much! I’ve realized how much easier it is to catch up on if you’re easily illed. For the past week I’ve been home sick and fell behind. I kept in constant communication with my teachers to help myself stay with the class. Missing 5 days total may not appear to be a lot, but think of it this way: physics, of all things. 1.5 hours a day. So, in only 5 days, I’ve missed 7.5 hours of physics, also in English (although they just read to chapter 15 in the book The Believers . I finished the book. It was amazing! I loved reading about the shaker life style!) and 3 quizzes total. Add that to the 50 Physics problems, and you’ve spelled out trouble. Oh, by the way, I only have until Tuesday before grades must be turned in. X-(

Anyway, original topic. In my college classes, they simply emailed me the lecture notes, and in public speaking she reminded me of my informative presentation due on October 23rd. Easy enough, right? πŸ™‚
They also let you leave class early if you’re done with tests and such. That’s a new one to me!

Next. I’ve been crocheting like crazy! Hence, you know, the title of this blog. πŸ™‚ I’m in the process of making an afghan, a total of 120 squares. I’ve got a whole design for it! A pattern of my own. πŸ™‚ I’m going to attach pictures to this post of two of my squares. I’ve completed 14.
But, I get distracted (or bored of that particular project…) and start other projects in the middle of the first one! In the process of the afghan in the making, I made a pair of navy blue and pink size 2 baby shoes, typically for ages 4-14 months. They are now for sale in my grandmothers shop at the flea market here in Bowling Green for a mere $10. I’ll attach a picture of those as well. I’m very proud of my first pair of baby booties!!! πŸ™‚

Aside from all of that, my life has been, well, life. Just as simple as that.

Thanks for reading!
Love always, Annah. ❀



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The Adventures and- uh- Misadventures in NYC

June 5

So, today we started our long drive and stopped in Hershey Pennsylvania. Then, we made a decision to stop and go to the Hershey factory. It was really cool! They had a bunch of historical things related to Hershey’s in some way, and we even got to make our own chocolate! Then there was the gift shop. Oh, the gift shop! It was massive, and it had a little bit of everything. Too bad it was so expensive… I’m saving my money for NY! Knockoff bags, here I come!!!

June 6

First of all, let me say; New York traffic is horrendous to drive through! Mis-er-a-ble!

Once we finally got to. Our hotel, the LaGaurdia Airport Hotel, it was 8 o’clock at night ish and we were tired and hungry. Mom goes to check us in, and the wheelchair accessible entrance is in the very back of the building. So, not only did we have to push 50 lbs of luggage to the back on a hill, but we had to walk a quarter mile
Ish to get there. Fun fun! Once we were settled in, we decided to go get food. I mean, it’s New York, right? You can walk anywhere!
Wrong answer.
In Queens, the sketchy part that we were in, there are no crosswalks and medium levels of traffic. We kind of figured that we could walk half way, stop and look for traffic, them walk the rest of the way. Well, we got halfway across the street safely- then when we went to cross the rest, a car zoomed by and was maybe 2 inches from Krystan. Thank God she spun around, or she’d be a puddle now. Needless to say, we managed on snacks that night and stayed in the room!

We have decided that my adorable cute little sock monkey is going to have pictures taken everywhere and will have a scrapbook made called Monkeys Adventure and Misadventures! I’m so excited!

That is all that happened that day!

Ill update tomorrow the rest of my adventure.

Thanks! Annah.

June 7

Today was our first real day in New York. The city is so big! There’s so much to do. So much to see… Unfortunately, it was our “long walk day”. We had to get our New York passes to get into any attractions, and that was 2 miles away. So, we sucked it up and walked all the way there. After that, we went to the Empire State Building! Can I just say, ‘woah!’. It has got 86 floors, and I went to the observation deck- on top! My ears were popping bad by the time we were done. It’s so pretty up there, though! You can see the world as plain as it is. Buildings. People that look a lot like small bugs. Amazing!!!

After that, we were walking back to grand central station to go to a train, to a bus, to a shuttle to take us to our hotel. Did that make sense? πŸ™‚ Well, it was probably 8 o’clock, and on the way, we pass this guy who was talking to himself! . Apparently, there is a lot of crazy people in Manhattan, because I saw 3 people talking to themselves, one flipped us off, and one “conducting music” on the sidewalk!
So, around a mile from GCS, we ran into this boutique called Rainbow. I adore their clothes! Affordable (which is a rare find here), adorable, and age appropriate for my sister Krystan and me. I got a dress, and a top for $15. No tax on clothes here! πŸ˜€ Krystan got a cute little dress and a belt for $20.
After we left, we finished the walk to GCS and got Chinese food. This is when I learned to take my own disposable cups and straws if I wanted a drink… And plastic forks and spoons. Oops!

We got back to the hotel fairly quickly after that, and were so tired that we just crashed. Forget washing your face, teeth or brushing your hair. It’ll wait!

June 8

We’ve got lots of plans today! We planned out the β€’ Ripleys Believe it or Not β€’ Madame Tussaudes Wax Museum β€’Bodies β€’ and 9/11 memorial.

When we left we went by Starbucks to get breakfast and a pick me up, and headed off to Ripleys. It was so cool! They had EVERYTHING! I think my favorite part must’ve been the swirly tunnel thing. It’s, like, a bridge thing with swirly optical illusion walls. It makes you so dizzy! I hit the railing twice! And I most certainly did not (uh, in a sense) hit who ever was in front of me. Kind of. ;D

After Ripleys, we went straight to the wax museum. That was interesting! I really had a difficult time telling the difference between the art and the people. I had to look at the face to see if they were blinking or a celebrity. Haha. It was really cool. We got lots of pictures!

Bodies was… Amazing and weird, in short. I haven’t been able to eat any form of meat since Bodies… The muscle looks too much like steak for my liking… Or bacon… 😲yuck!
One really interesting part was the fetal section. My mom showed us each week of development and told us what is developed in that stage. At the end, she told us to think about our views on abortion. It was a real eye opening moment to see a baby- not just a cell, you could see a head, arms, and legs- and know that people can abort up to around 15 weeks. At 8, you can see what it is. 😦

On the way to Little Italy, I found a Coach store. I went in, found the perfect bag, looked at the price, and immediately started walking away. $190 for a small bag? I think not.

However, in Little Italy, after we ate diner at an amazing restaurant ( I mean, really?! It’s Italy! You have to gain 10 pounds!) I found a shop selling the best knock off bags I’ve ever seen! I got a big white one, mom got a small white flowery one, and Krystan got a big blue one. We also found a little road side jewelry shop. I got the most adorable little necklace watch!

Turning around from my mini shopping spree, I saw, yes, Big Ang! From Mobwives. It was so cool! I got a picture with her and she told me she liked my makeup. I said I loved her shoes, and we parted ways. There were a LOT of fans waiting!

We left Little Italy and headed for DT Manhattan. Little did we know, some of the “accessible” trains had a lip of at least 4 inches that my chair can’t jump. I attempted it, but without help (it was 10 at night. No one was there, for some reason) it was NOT happening.

We left and realized that the closest train station was at least 4 miles away, if we knew where we were.

Too bad we didn’t.

It was real. We really were lost in Manhattan. We stumbled around, not able to read the map or anything until 1 AM. Finally! We got on a Q22 bus to the South Ferry, took that to the 7 train to a bus to the Lagaurdia Airport. We called the hotel to get a shuttle. It was 3 AM and they were closed until 4:30. So they could pick us up at 5.

Yaye us!

Oh well. We got back to the hotel after that and slept until 11 AM. And you know what? We laugh about it now! Only my family could get lost in New York.

June 9

Today was kind of a do nothing kind of day. We saw Top of the Rock, which was super cool. Then we got on the subway to go see Mamma Mia! The problem? I got stuck in the door way to the train. My wheel twisted and I couldn’t move. Thank god there were guys there willing to pick up my chair and get me in the train.

On the train, I met a lady named Soo. She gave me a small cartoon book that was biblical, called “Lets go Together”. I liked her a lot! She was so nice. She told me I was ‘so so pretty!’

Momma Mia! was amazing! The cast was great and I would love to see it again someday.

June 10

Sunday was the day that we left to go to Washington. Before we left, we went to Elis island and liberty island. At Elis island, it was absolutely FULL of historical information. While I personally found it a little boring, I could see how it might interest some people.

The drive to DC was only a 5 hour drive. Once we were there, we found our hotel and crashed!

June 11

Today we went to the multi story mall in DC. Guess what I found? A MAC store!!! AHHHHH!!!! I got an electric blue eyeshadow and a coral/pink lip gloss.

We also ate at the American Girl bistro. It was surprisingly good, for a bistro! We also got DC shirts for our dolls. They’re cute!

June 12

Today we drove home. Around 12 hours of driving, we got home around 11 at night. I’m glad to see my bed!!!

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New York, Here We Come!!!

So, yesterday we left my house at 11 AM to go to Pennsylvania’s Country Inn Hotel, 6 ish hours away from NY. We arrived at 12:45 AM. We would’ve been there earlier, but we had a few stops and one “incident” that took a while. 3 bathroom stops, 2 gas fill ups, 2 food stops and a choking episode.
Yeah. So, half way to Pennsylvania, we stopped at Chic- Fil- A to get lunch / dinner. Even though we did everything we always do (food processed it with sauce), I managed to aspirate chicken and honey mustard. 😦
Epic fail.

Anyways, after that happened, the Sis managed to possibly break moms hand my laying her seat back onto her hand, and squishing it between the chair and my hard plastic trey while mom was telling her how far she could lay down.
Also an epic fail.

Today, while we were driving from the hotel to NY, though, we were side tracked by the Hershey’s factory and museum. It was SO cool! We got to see how they make chocolate, the history of it, and even made our own candy bars! We also got a suvonyier for a few people. However, in the process of looking through the museum, I managed to slam moms knee cap into a display edge.
That was MY epic fail! My poor mom.

We are officially 30 minutes away from New York! I’ll update later, when I have time.

Thanks for reading!
Annah ❀

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Just a Quick Hello From Annah!

Hello, to anyone actually reading this blog. πŸ™‚ So, aside from having 7,000 ish words written in my book (which, by the way, I’m super excited about!), I don’t have a lot going on right now. πŸ™‚ Which, I’m thinking, is a good thing. Here’s my list of things Annah must do, as of right now:

1) I want my book to be either a Novel, or an eEpic. Nothing shorter than 80,000 words. I thought about doing several Novellas, but I realized that I would get aggravated trying to write a story in so many books; having to separate them! Ugh. I just cant do a Novella series. So, either I’ll do 2 or 3 Novels, or I’ll do one very large Epic. Any recommendations old be greatly appreciated!

2) I was asked to do district choir this year! That’s when several schools in the area gets together and sings some songs. I’m so excited!

3) I’ll get my new chair at some point this year. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that nothing else breaks until I get the new one!

4) I go to get my CA dog on April – on the 7th actually! AHHH!

5) 31 actual days until the last day of school! I think it’s, like, 20 school days, but I don’t really keep track of that.

6) Go to WKU this summer for my dual credit courses. I want to double major in Clinical Psychology and Sociology, and minor in nutrition. I think I’ll be really good at all of these, and I’ll enjoy them!

I believe that’s it, but if I think of anything else, I’ll update again!

Thanks! Annah.

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Script… Book… At Least It’s Something! :)

So, you remember me posting about writing a script for NaNoWriMo? Well, my script turned into a book; and a decent one at that! I don’t have the first clue how I thought of it, or how to explain it to you now, but it’s coming along pretty well. Although, I have to say, I kinda want the necklace from the book. It’s a golden locket, and it reads “Electus Vs. Tenebris Unum” it’s Latin, and translates roughly to “The Chosen One Vs. The Dark One. While that particular phrase doesn’t mean a lot to me, it does to my lead Character, Vala (hint: she’s the chosen one!) and her enemy Melanie (the dark one; have you caught on yet?)

I’m slightly obsessed with this book! I’m pretty sure I was reading something else, but if I was I’ll have to re- read it later. Chances are it won’t be picked back up for a while.

So, more on the iPad? It’s still working fantastically for me, as stubborn as I was before! I do everything on it! From homework, to piano, to blogging, to writing.

Today, my schools choir had a field trip to KMEA and scored a whopping ONE! That’s awesome, if you didn’t already know. There were also many great other schools; Butler county and Bowling Green Jr. High being some of my favorites. I love being a show kid!

Anyways. I have to go now! But, here’s the word count for now: approximately 3,000 words.
Updates to come!

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So, you remember me posting about being chosen to get an iPad? Well, it came in today and is just so cool! I really didn’t think I wanted or needed one, but I’m beginning to understand how beneficial it’s going to really be for me! Like, say, writing this blog! Or my NaNoWriMo script! The split screen is really cool because, even though I have very little movement in my left hand, it allows me to easily reach and touch the keys using both hands. It’s, in it’s own way, great physical therapy!
Then there’s the whole, you know, no buttons thing! The only button I really can’t avoid is the on/off button, and even that goes off by itself in 2 minutes!
Another thing that the iPad allows me to do is play the piano! How cool is that?! I’ve always wanted to learn, and while it is still going to be difficult, it will be a lot less so now!
One more very cool part is school projects are going to be a lot less complicated. There’s this awesome app, a office thing, with excel, word, PowerPoints, and other things of the sort. So, now I really have no real reason to even open my laptop other than loading apps! πŸ˜€ I love saying that!

So, all of that mess short; a huge thanks to the GSF and Project Meriposa! I appreciate what you all are doing so much!

Annah ❀

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